For Industrial Use

"D" Double Cut:
Very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellent operator control.
"S" Single Cut:
General purpose fluting. Produces long chips.
"N" Nonferrous:
For nonferrous malerials. Aggressive stock removal.
"CB" SP Chip Breaker:
Provides breakdown in chips. Better control.
"DM" Diamond Cut:
For heat treated and tough alloy steels where control is important. Creates a powder-like chip. Excellent finish.
"HD" Steel Cut:
Tungsten carbide burrs with STEEL cut is for working with steel and cast steel. They are characterized by a significantly increased aggressiveness and good guidability Thus they ensure safe and precise work.
The extremely high stock removal performance makes these burrs with cut STEEL impressive with significant time savings and high economic value.
1.Up to 50% higher stock removal performance when used on steel and cast steel in comparison to conventional double cut burrs.
2.Significantly increased aggressiveness, large chips and very good chip removal through the innovative tooth geometry.
3.Protection of the workpiece and tool through much lower thermal load.
"HS" Inox Cut:
Tungsten carbide burrs with INOX cut is for work on stainless steel (INOX) The INOX cut is characterized by an extremely high stock removal performance on all austenitic as well as rust- and acid-resistant steels. It creates significantly less vibration than a comparable double cut.
1.Outstanding stock removal performance and tool life due to the innovative tooth geometry.
2.Achieves high surface qualities through optimum chip formation.
3.Prevents heat discolouration in the material due to the reduced heat generation.

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